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Former CFO, controller, operations manager, accounting executive and long time entrepreneur here to serve your needs and help you get the most out of QuickBooks.

Business is better with a ProAdvisor.

A ProAdvisor is a QuickBooks-certified independent accounting pro who can provide strategic insights to drive small business success.

Our History

Rocco Angone III, founder of the company, has been self-employed most of his career since the late 1980s.  While running a commercial picture framing operation, he began learning accounting from a desire to know how his business was performing, to get funded for growth and to ease the burden on his tax preparer.  It took about five years to get his books in the condition that he wanted them to be in.  The computer era unfolded to small businesses in the early 1990s and Intuit launched QuickBooks Desktop for DOS 6.22 in 1994.  Through this learning process and new software that made in-house Accounting achievable for small businesses, he rediscovered his love of numbers and accounting perfection.  Since that time, Rocco has used almost every version of the desktop software that they made.  In 1999, QuickBooks introduced payroll software so that these same small and medium sized businesses that managed their own books could manage their own payroll in-house as well.  It was as this time, the concept of bringing  books, payroll and tax departments together under one roof was born.  Having to run his own books and payroll, then work with a tax professional to have it all make sense was a daunting task.  After selling the framing business in 2002, he became a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and began working full time as an Accountant from that day until this one.  The mission became to ease the burden of the companies that he served by uniting the three realms of books, payroll and tax.

From 2002 to 2008, he worked as an Accountant for other companies.  With the tools that QuickBooks provided and an endless pursuit on how to improve his craft, he successfully brought books and payroll together for his employers and became a QuickBooks guru with real-world experience.  The game changer at his last job and the origin of EP was the introduction of tax preparation.  While working as a Controller for a large landscape services company that had 125 employees on payroll and sales around $10 million each year, Rocco unraveled the chaos in this company producing thousands of transactions each month.  The CPA firm hired to do tax preparation sat down with Rocco and explained in detail why the previous Controllers had failed to produce books that produced usable numbers.  Rocco worked closely with the CPA to successfully restructure those books and made the company auditable for the first time.  The CPA firm asked Rocco to do the same services for its client base of small businesses where the owner did not understand the blending of books and tax preparation.  Employee Payment Solutions’ business model was born that day.  Rocco dove into tax preparation in 2008 on the advice of the CPA firm.  Since that day, he has been advising other small and medium sized businesses what they needed to do to make payroll numbers flow into books, books flow into tax and help tax numbers come back through to the books.



“Rocco has been a god-send. His years of experience with QuickBooks set our minds at ease right away. His knowledge of this program is outstanding! He should be applauded for his ability to instill in the neophyte user, a sense of confidence to explore and learn how to utilize this intuitive program and all it has to offer. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a very approachable, motivated, and can-do-minded person!”

“We knew we weren’t using QB to its full potential, but just needed someone to sit down beside us and give us their professional opinion of how we could improve how we do things. Rocco was EXACTLY who we needed. He was clear, professional, and patient. He helped us change how we do things so that it would make our accounting easier, and streamline our system so we could produce accurate and reliable reports. We were so relieved and excited after our meeting that he almost got a round of hugs.”


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