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Go do what you do best and forget about your payroll! Making Payroll Easy CONTACT US It's easy, cost-effective and you're compliant.
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Let us handle your payroll for you. You focus on what you do best because we have you covered. We will make payroll as easy for you as it can be made. You send us new employee information, send us payroll hours near pay day and we take care of the rest. Then, we can integrate your payroll information right into your books so that your payroll info is always right at your fingertips and built into your financials after each run.


We eat, drink and breathe QuickBooks. Need a new company file with a thought–out and comprehensive chart of accounts? Need your file repaired or your data flowing into the right categories? Do you need financials that are accurate, complete and make sense to your CPA, bank and the IRS? Let us help you.


Why not let us run all or part of your books? We can help you with all that monotonous data entry, reconcile accounts and make sure numbers are flowing properly to REAL financials. Do you have a properly formed balance sheet? Most businesses don’t but it is the single most important document (arguably) that you use to represent your business to the bank when you need a loan. If you don’t have this as part of your business now, we can help!


We’ll have your interactive accounting file setup so that you can login, run your invoicing, payables and everything else you need to do along with built-in payroll and accurate books. Now, who is the most qualified to help with your corporate and personal tax returns? Clever answers aside, it’s us! With your books in order, getting a tax return completed is simple. You tell us you’ve looked over your numbers and approve. Then, we take all your info for the business and input it straight into your return. All returns are completed in-house and signed by a CPA.

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“Rocco works very efficiently and is always dependable. Rocco’s professionalism and “people” skills are priceless. I would highly recommend Rocco Angone for any of your financial needs.”

“Rocco has been a god-send. His years of experience with QuickBooks set our minds at ease right away. His knowledge of this program is outstanding! He should be applauded for his ability to instill in the neophyte user, a sense of confidence to explore and learn how to utilize this intuitive program and all it has to offer. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a very approachable, motivated, and can-do-minded person!”

“We knew we weren’t using QB to its full potential, but just needed someone to sit down beside us and give us their professional opinion of how we could improve how we do things. Rocco was EXACTLY who we needed. He was clear, professional, and patient. He helped us change how we do things so that it would make our accounting easier, and streamline our system so we could produce accurate and reliable reports. We were so relieved and excited after our meeting that he almost got a round of hugs.”